Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holy Estrogen! by Carol McLeod

Holy Estrogen: Every Woman's Guide to Making Her Emotions the Holiest Part of Her [Paperback]

Title: Holy Estrogen!: Every Woman’s Guide to Making Her Emotions the Holiest Part of Her
Author: Carol McLeod
Pages: 219
Year: 2012
Publisher: Harrison House
Note: I received a free copy of this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.

     An extremely thought provoking book!

     This book takes a long, scriptural look at how God wants us to deal with the emotions that we all deal with. She looks at what type of emotional influencers we have to deal with from our past. She also explores the difference between the soul and the spirit of your inner person. Then she takes us on a journey to identify how Satan attacks women through their emotions.

     I really liked the candid way that Carol addressed normal emotional struggles and the ups-and-downs that come through regular living. She includes many humorous stories from personal experience. Every piece of advice on how God wants things dealt with is solidly supported through the use of scripture. I highly recommend that all women who want to please God in their lives read this book. It would also be an excellent book for any man to read who wants to try and understand the struggles that the women in their lives go through.

     I give this book a 5 star ranking.

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