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Dolled Up to Die (Cate Kinkaid Files #2) by Lorena McCourtney

Title: Dolled Up to Die (Cate Kinkaid Files #2)
Author: Lorena McCourtney
Pages: 316
Year: 2013
Publisher: Revell

About the book:

     Cate’s not sure just what she expectd…but she knows it certainly wasn’t this.

     When Cate Kinkaid receives a frantic call about a triple homicide, she drives to the scene against her better judgment – aren’t triple homicides more up the police department’s alley?-only to find that the victims are not quite who she expects. Now she has a new rule to add to everything she’s learned in her short stint as an assistant private investigator: always find out if the victims have human DNA. Because these three do not.

     But who would shoot this nice lady’s dolls? What possible reason could the shooter have? And then there’s the startling discovery of another victim, who definitely does have human DNA . . .

     With tension that is matched only by humor, Dolled Up to Die is the exciting second book in Lorena McCourtney’s Cate Kinkaid Files. You won’t find a place to stop and take a breath in this fast-paced story.

My review:

     As entertaining as the previous book.

     It was an absolute joy to follow Cate as she works her way through another maze of clues to find a killer. She was joined again on this trip by Uncle Joe, Rebecca, Octavia, and Mitch.

     We had a new cast of victims, clients and suspects which were nicely developed and presented. The mis-steps that Cate made on this case were as humorous as the ones on the first case. She has made progress in her skills as a PI, but it is very apparent that she has much more to learn about the job.

     I found this to be a very enjoyable book to read and am giving it 5 stars. I definitely recommend it. I am looking forward to seeing what may happen to Cate in the next book.

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