Monday, March 14, 2016

Buried (Mountain Cove #1) by Elizabeth Goddard

Title: Buried (Mountain Cove #1)
Author: Elizabeth Goddard
Pages: 224
Year: 2015
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense
Format: eBook (also available in paperback)

About the book:


     Fleeing to Alaska is the only option for Leah Marks after witnessing a murder. Afraid for her life, the legal investigator hopes a remote cabin will be a safe shelter. But the killer has tracked her to Mountain Cove. As he chases her into snow-packed Dead Falls Canyon, an avalanche buries them both. Saved by daring search and rescue specialist Cade Warren, Leah longs to tell him the truth. But how can she, without bringing even more danger into Cade’s life? Especially when they discover the killer is very much alive and waiting to take them both down.

My review:

     A riveting romantic suspense novel!

     I love both of the main characters in this book. Cade and Leah are very well developed and are multi-faceted. They both have strengths and weaknesses. It was interesting seeing them learn to use their strengths and accept those weaknesses.

     I enjoyed the exploration into the tangled emotions that someone can develop over time and through traumatic experiences. Love and admiration are not usually the only feelings we can have for another individual. Those two positive feelings many times are knotted together with some very powerful negative feelings at the same time. Learning how to recognize this can be very difficult and life changing.

     There is also a lot of soul searching that each of these characters go through as they try to figure out how to trust after being wounded by others. I really enjoyed seeing how both of them took things to God and trusted Him.

     The story started with an intensely frightening scene and the suspense really didn’t stop. There were short periods where the danger seemed to be kept at a distance so that Cade and Leah could catch their breath and relax just a little bit.

     This is an incredible story and I’m highly recommending it. It is getting a 5 star rating from me. I’m really looking forward to reading the other books in this series.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful review!!

  2. I just recommended to my library that they buy this book. Keep your fingers crossed!

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