Tuesday, July 12, 2016

No Other Will Do (Ladies of Harper's Station #1) by Karen Witemeyer

Title: No Other Will Do (Ladies of Harper's Station #1)
Author: Karen Witemeyer
Pages: 364
Year: 2016
Genre: Historical Romance (1894)
Publisher: Bethany House
Format: eBook (also available in paperback)
Note: I received a free eBook copy of this novel through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the book:

     Men are optional. That’s the credo Emma Chandler’s suffragette aunts preached and why she started a successful women’s colony in Harper’s Station, Texas. But when an unknown assailant tries repeatedly to drive them out, Emma admits they might need a man after all. A man who can fight – and she knows just the one.

     Malachi Shaw finally earned the respect he craved by becoming an explosives expert for the railroad. Yet when Emma’s plea arrives, he bolts to Harper’s Station to repay the girl who once saved his life. Only she’s not a girl any longer. She’s a woman with a mind of her own and a smile that makes a man imagine a future he doesn’t deserve.

     As the danger intensifies, old feelings grow and deepen, but Emma and Mal will need more than love to survive.

My review:

     An exciting historical romance novel!

     This is first book that I’ve read by Karen Witemeyer. She has now been placed on my favorite author list. I have to be sure and find all of her other books and read them too.

     The characters in this story are incredibly well developed. They have a wide range of personalities and backgrounds that have made them the people that they are. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between them, both one on one or in a group setting.

     I was especially drawn to Emma and Malachi. The deep connection between them was first formed 10 years before the start of the danger in this book. It is the foundation for the trust that they in each other for the trials they are trust into. Add on top of that a deep belief in God and trust in Him for guidance and the background is set.

     I have to give this wonderful book a rating of 5 stars. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

     You can find out more about Karen and her books on her website at: http://www.karenwitemeyer.com/

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