Tuesday, February 27, 2018

All-of-a-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor

Title: All-of-a-Kind Family (book 1)
Author: Sydney Taylor
Pages: 188
Year: 1951
Genre: Children’s Book
Publisher: Dell Yearling Books
Format: Hardcover (also available in paperback and eBook)

About the book:

     Meet the All-of-a-Kind Family — Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie — who live with their parents in New York City at the turn of the century.

     Together they share adventures that find them searching for hidden buttons while dusting Mama’s front parlor and visiting with the peddlers in Papa’s shop on rainy days. The girls enjoy doing everything together, especially when it involves holidays and surprises.

     But no one could have prepared them for the biggest surprise of all!

My review:

     A sweet children’s story set in the early 1900’s.

     I remember reading this book when I was growing up. I chose to reread it simply because of how much I enjoyed it then. 

     The characters are charming and easy to picture in how they relate to each other. The story is a delight to read. It definitely doesn’t hurt that they all love to read. Now that I’m an adult I found that one of my greatest joys in reading it was the amount of details given in how the family celebrates various Jewish holidays and feasts.

     I loved going down memory lane myself by reading a book from my own childhood. I’m giving this great little book a rating of 5-stars and recommending it.

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