Friday, April 6, 2018

Adam's Apples (Dream Doors Adventures #1) by Douglas Hirt & Terry James

Title: Adam’s Apples (Dream Door Adventures #1)
Author: Douglas Hirt & Terry James
Pages: 122
Release Date: March 7, 2018 
Genre: Children’s Christian Fantast
Publisher: CKN Christian Publishing
Format: eBook (also available in Paperback)

About the book:

     Ever wonder what living in a near-perfect world would be like? Bible prophecy promises just such a coming world! The Millennium will be One-thousand years of an Eden-like Planet Earth, ruled by Jesus Christ, the King of Kings!

     Adam Beam, a young boy, and his sister, Zonia, live in a future time, born in an era of a beautiful, Utopian world. The children live in Glorania, the capital city of New Eden, where the Great King rules an almost perfect planet. They face no dangers in this new world. Adam’s pet, Toby, for example, is a Siberian tiger weighing 1,000 pounds!

     Adam, Zonia, and Toby go through a “Dream Door” into the past, as part of Adam’s “Explore Time” adventure, the method by which children of New Eden Time learn history. They pass in and out of Dream Doors by means of the “Dream Doodler”, a fantastic instrument that can draw a spectacularly beautiful picture in midair. The children can jump into the picture they draw, to take them wherever they want to go.    

     Exciting, wonderful adventures await. Going them in their quest to find Adam’s Apples!

     Help get out the message that, for Christians, the future is not gloom and doom, but is God-Guaranteed to be gloriously splendiferous!

My review:

     This is an exciting Christian fantasy adventure for children!

     I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Millennium Kingdom. The characters are fun and very believable. The fears that they display at times are very typical for the type of adventure that they are undertaking. 

     I loved journeying along as they learned what limits that the Dream Doodler has and figure out how to work around them. The mission that they embark on to find Adam’s Apples is very imaginative. It is an enjoyable way to see what those born into in Millennium will lack in the area of understanding what those who live in the fallen world have to deal with.

     I’m looking forward to seeing what other periods of time and other adventures the authors come up with for this series of books.

     I have decided to give this book a rating of 5 stars. I am recommending it.

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