Monday, July 22, 2013

A Healing Heart by Angela Breidenbach

Healing Heart (Quilts Of Love) [Paperback]

Title: A Healing Heart
Author: Angela Breidenbach
Pages: 221
Year: 2013
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Note: I received a free copy of this book through for my honest opinion.

      I loved this book and highly recommend it.

     Mara Keegan is a widowed mother of three teenagers. Her plate is very full as she tries to run the company that she started with her husband by herself. She is also trying to keep up with what is going on in her kid’s lives and make the perfect graduation present for her oldest daughter’s high-school graduation. So much work is involved in creating the photo memory quilt and there is so little time to work on it. How will she get it all done?

     When personal medical emergencies knock her off her feet she must stop and take stock of all that she does and really look at what her priorities should be. Are those around her trying to help her in her recovery or are they trying to take over what is hers?

     Angela has developed wonderful characters throughout this story. Their personalities are rich and well rounded. I would love to have this family live near me. In fact by the end of the book I felt that I knew them better than many of the people that do live in my neighborhood, and go to the church I attend.

     This is an incredible, thought provoking book.

     We all make promises to others. Are they all made with the right intent? Can we make a promise to ease someone else’s pain that God never meant for us to make? How do we know that a task we are doing to fulfill a promise is in God’s will for our life?

     I gave this book 5 stars.

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