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Jewel Series Bundle #1: Sapphire Ice/Greater Than Rubies by Hallee Bridgeman

Jewel Series Bundle #1

The Jewel Series Bundle 1: Sapphire & Rubies

Title: Jewel Series Bundle #1: Sapphire Ice / Greater Than Rubies
Author: Hallee Bridgeman
Pages: 442
Year: 2013
Publisher: Olivia Kimbrell Press
Note: I received a free copy of this book from for my honest opinion.

          This book includes the entire love story of Robin Bartlett and Tony Viscolli. It starts in book 1 of the Jewel Trilogy, ”Sapphire Ice” where Robin and Tony first meet. It is a story of redemption and transformation.

          Robin had a very difficult childhood leaving her not trusting God or men. She still works extremely hard at 2 different jobs to provide for her two younger sisters. She has decided that it is her responsibility to put them both through college and keep a roof over their heads. She wants them to have a safe and secure home. This has left her with a heart as ice cold as her sapphire blue eyes.

          Tony also had a very rough childhood. He has turned to God and received help from believers to get a start in business. He has gone on to build a financial empire.

          When Tony buys the restaurant where Robin is a bartender they meet. They are attracted to each other almost immediately. As Robin’s job changes and they begin to build a relationship with each other will they be able to sort out their differences in outlook on life? Tony prays for the opportunity to shatter the wall of ice around Robin’s heart.

          We then come to “Greater Than Rubies” the novella that takes place immediately after the first book in the trilogy. It picks up right after Tony has proposed and Robin has accepted. They are now faced with the issues of dealing with Robin’s desire to have a private life and Tony’s position in society.

          Robin plans a dream-come-true wedding. Anxiety arises when she starts to realize the magnitude of change marriage will involve. Forgotten nightmares resurface reminding Robin of the horrors of her past. She gives in to her insecurities and cancels Boston’s “Royal Wedding.”

          Can Robin adapt? How can Tony help Robin to come out of her shell? They need God’s guidance to work through the maze of emotions and past hurts. Tony needs God’s guidance to help convince Robin of her true worth.

          These are incredible Christian romances.

          Hallee has a very smooth writing style. It was a joy to read these stories. She took the time to really develop and introduce us to each of the central characters. These included not only Robin and Tony themselves, but also Robin’s two sisters and Tony’s best friends who are his support team.

          Hallee took the time to explain both Robin and Tony’s childhoods which helped to shape them into the people that they are. This step helps us to understand where each of them is coming from as they face each disagreement and crises in their relationship.

          Hallee’s plot is well developed and clearly defined. There is no confusion as to how we reached each pivotal point.

          At each point friends and family are turned to in asking for help and guidance in how to deal with confusing emotions. The friends then help Robin and Tony to remember the need to seek God for His direction. This offers a breath of fresh air and helps us to keep in mind our need to do the same.

          My rating for each of these stories is 5 stars.

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