Friday, April 10, 2015

Awakening by Tracy Higley

Title: Awakening
Author: Tracy Higley
Pages: 362
Year: 2014
Publisher: Stonewater Press
Note: I received a free copy of this book through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the book:

     Kallie Andreas is a mystery, even to herself.

     Seven years ago Kallie woke up in a New York City museum, injured and traumatized. Alone and unclaimed.

     Despite her shattered memories, she’s worked her way into a position as assistant curator in that very museum, and now she wants nothing more than to pursue funding for her project – assembling pieces from the ancient Minoans.

     But then the blackouts start. Lost time, stranded in terrifying danger, frantic visions that can’t be real. A threatening phone call may be nothing more than paranoia and madness. Or perhaps not.

     It’s time to start seeing her psychiatrist more often.

     When a mysterious philanthropist invites Kallie to scour the black market with him for the most valuable of all Minoan treasures, the key to their lost language, Kallie can’t resist. Dimitri is wealthy, charming and good-looking, but she’s not interested – not in someone who’s clearly hiding secrets of his own.

     Together, the two embark on a global quest to find the Key, through some of the most exotic and beautiful locations in the world – unraveling clues, pursuing leads, and fighting their increasing attraction to each other.

     Meanwhile, Kallie's memories are bleeding through, and she’s teetering on the verge of a breakthrough, but what devastating truth has she been suppressing?

     When a strange woman who clearly knows Kallie's real identity tries to murder her, it’s clear that Kallie's past and present worlds are colliding, in a deadly crisis that will finally reveal the truth of her past.

     But will the truth leave room for love?

My review:

     This is a very intriguing story!

     The confusion that Kallie faces everyday is very clearly presented from very early in the story. Her current life situation is described wonderfully. I was quickly able to sympathize with her confusion and doubts. When Dimitri meets her we are introduced to this well developed and handsome man. The two are immediately attracted to each other but Kallie's unknown past and Dimitri's secrets are a barrier to a close relationship developing between them.

     I was very intrigued by the presence of a story within the story. Kallie seems to have a dream world in her mind. Fairly early in the book she starts writing a journal of the story taking place in this dream world. The first shift between the two stories caught me by surprise. After I realized what tale was being told I was able to shift back and forth between the two much easier. Then I recognized that the publisher had used a slightly different font for the dream world story. This was a very helpful clue to me from that point on.

     This is a well crafted and very entertaining novel. I am giving it 5 stars and highly recommending it.

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