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Mission of Mercy (Virtues and Valor, Part 6) by Hallee Bridgeman

Title: Mission of Mercy (Virtues and Valor, Part 6)
Author: Hallee Bridgeman
Pages: 100 (approximately)
Year: 2015
Publisher: Olivia Kimbrell Press
Note: I received a free eBook copy of this novella through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the book:

     Doctor, BETTY GRIMES, miraculously survives the Nazi bombing of her hospital but suffers the loss of her fiancĂ© in the raid. She goes to the countryside to grieve and recuperate and there meets the leader of the Virtues team who recruits the brilliant surgeon.

     After months of training, Betty, code-named MERCY, now works in Occupied France as a nurse, where she garners information from patients and passes it to the Allies. Secretly, she tends to injured Resistance operatives, treating gunshots and other wounds that would otherwise draw the attention of the Third Reich.

     When Betty is sent to the local prison to see a prisoner who has taken ill, her shock at finding TEMPERANCE nearly blows her cover. Now Temperance is sick and Mercy needs to get her well enough for the coming rescue operation to succeed.

     Can MERCY save TEMPERANCE in time for her rescue, or will her patient succumb to the disease brought on by the torture of the Gestapo?

     MISSION OF MERCY is part six of seven serialized novellas entitled the Virtues and Valor series.

     Seven valorous women – different nationalities, ethnicities, and social backgrounds – come together as a team called the Virtues.

     In 1941 Great Britain has a special war department that assembles an experimental and exclusively female cohort of combat operatives. Four willing spies, a wireless radio operator, an ingenious code breaker, and a fearless pilot are each hand-picked, recruited, and trained to initiate a daring mission in Occupied France. As plans are laid to engineer the largest prison break of Allied POWs in history, the Nazis capture the Virtues’ radio operator. It will take the cohesive teamwork of the rest of the women to save her life before Berlin breaks her and brings the force of the Third Reich to bear.

     Some find love, some find vengeance, and some discover the kind of strength that lives in the human heart when all they can do is rely on each other and their shared belief. Courage, faith and valor intersect but, in the end, one pays the ultimate price.

My review:

     I loved this very exciting novella set during WWII!

     Doctor Betty Grimes is an incredible character that is very well developed for this story. She is grieving the death of her fiancĂ© and yet she has so much strength and courage that she is an extremely vital part of the resistance in Occupied France. She has so much faith in God that many times while taking care of the sick or injured she prays asking God to take care of the person. That really spoke to me having a doctor that recognizes that God is the one in control.

     In this part of the serialized novel we get more information to fill in the big picture just like we have been in each portion. It is really fascinating to me to see how all of the different pieces are coming together. I am so caught up in the overall story. I believe that Hallee has done a masterful job of weaving this intricate story and then feeding it to us a little bit at a time as we see the events from a different view point with each telling.

     I am so completely caught up in the overall story. I’m very glad that each portion is equally entertaining and exciting. It makes it very easy to give this one a rating of 5 stars just as I have done with the others. I highly recommend this novella too.

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