Thursday, August 20, 2015

King (Books of the Infinite #3) by R. J. Larson

Title: King (Books of the Infinite #3)
Author: R. J. Larson
Pages: 343
Year: 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Format: eBook (also available in paperback)

About the book:

     Akabe of Siphra, I have brought your enemies low and lifted you from the dirt.

     Against his wishes and desires, Akabe Garric has been chosen by his people to be king. A warrior at heart, he’d never dreamed of such a swift, unexpected rise to power. Determined to prove his worth to the citizens of Munra and honor his Creator, Akabe undertakes a monumental task: to rebuild the Infinite’s Holy House in Siphra.

     Only this I ask: Restore My temple and let Me dwell again among the people.

     Akabe soon discovers that the land he needs is held by the Thaenfalls, known Atea-worshipers who will give up their claim only if he marries into their line. Though he seeks direction from the Infinite, his pleas are met with silence. Frustrated, Akabe makes an impulsive decision, sweeping his nation into a lethal storm that threatens his plans for the temple. As questions of love and faith become tangled with lies, ancient feuds, and treacherous plots, can Akabe, his mysterious queen, and his trusted friends Ela and Kien Lantec find the Infinite’s path . . . or will they fail as so many others before?

     Will your faith hold strong when I am silent? Child, can you be My king?

My review:

     This is another incredible fantasy novel!

     This is the third book of a “true” series. By that I mean that both of the previous books in the series need to be read before this one for full understanding and appreciation of this wonderful story.

     This is the final installment of Kien Lantec and Ela the Prophet of Parne’s story. In this segment though, King Akabe Garric takes center stage. Kien and Ela are his closest supporters and he tries to understand how his Creator, the Infinite, wants him to lead his country. Akabe’s heart’s desire is to rebuild the Holy House for the Infinite. The massive conflict between the Infinite’s followers and the goddess Atea’s followers is the central theme of the story.

     Once again R. J. Larson has crafted fantastic characters and presented them in such a way that I was able to understand them and their motives. I even understood those that I didn’t agree with their beliefs. In this book as with the previous 2 books of the series I was continually rooting for the good guys safety and success.

     It was a relief to finally see that most of Ela’s doubts about her ability to do the job that the Infinite had called her to do had finally been resolved. Her maturity level has grown wonderfully throughout the series.

     As with both of the previous books in this series I’m highly recommending this one and giving it a 5 star rating. It is my belief that unless you absolutely hate fantasy novels you can’t go wrong in taking the time to read all 3 books in this wonderful series. I’m looking forward to the next books set in this marvelous fantasy land.

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