Friday, January 15, 2016

The Captive (Legends of the Realm #0.5) by Thomas Locke

Title: The Captive (Legends of the Realm #0.5)
Author: Thomas Locke (pseudonym for Davis Bunn)
Pages: about 30
Year: 2014
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Revell
Format: eBook (the only way it is available)

About the book:

     The only remnant of Joelle’s former life is her name. The only hint of her future is a foreboding vision of darkness. And her only hope is a man she has yet to meet.

     One of the last of a disappearing race, Joelle spends her days as a prisoner of the Long Hall, sweeping corridors and dusting scrolls while young wizards learn to ply their trade. In the dark of night, she practices the magical arts that are forbidden to one of her kind, hoping to soon break the spell that holds her captive.

     But an evil is growing beyond the enchanted stone walls. Joelle will need much more than her own skills to escape it. Someone is coming for her. And when he arrives, he will change everything.

     This short eBook excerpted from Emissary gives you a magical glimpse into the Realm – and the heroes who will stop at nothing to save it.

My review:

     This is an intriguing start to a new fantasy series.

     This is an introductory short story for the Legends of the Realm series. As such it does a marvelous job of setting up the type of fantasy land the series takes place in. I don’t read a lot of fantasy novels but this has already caught my interest and I will be reading more in the series.

     I was captivated by the story of how Joelle ended up being a prisoner of the Long Hall. I am really hoping that we learn more about her past in the first full book of the series. I was also very interested in the character of Trace and how he became her friend.

     I was a little uncomfortable with the use of magic in it. But I know who the author is and I am willing to read a little more to see if it turns into a true “Good versus Evil” story. If that is the case I will definitely give the series more leeway in this area.

     I have decided to give this story a 5 star rating and recommend it. I will be reading book 1 in the series in a few days and I will be reviewing it here on my blog when I do.

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