Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Every Bride Has Her Day (Brides with Style #3) by Janice Thompson

Title: Every Bride Has Her Day (Brides with Style #3)
Author: Janice Thompson
Pages: 352
Release Date: May 17, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Revell
Format: Paperback (also available in eBook)
Note: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the book:

     Another Delightful Romance from the Queen of Romantic Comedy

     Katie Fisher is ecstatic. Pro basketball star Brady James has proposed, and she can’t wait to start planning their life together. She’s confident she’ll make it down the aisle this time – but it still may be easier said than done. A high-society Houston bride has Katie and the Cosmopolitan Bridal team scrambling to get the perfect dress done in time for her spectacular wedding. Meanwhile, Katie finds herself bombarded with everyone’s competing visions regarding her own special day – and she’s beginning to worry that her own ideas will get lost in the crossfire. Will she ever manage to settle all of the details for “her” perfect day? Or will bridal shop chaos and overzealous friends and family make a mess of everything?

     Fan favorite Janice Thompson gives readers what they’ve been clamoring for: another funny, romantic romp with a Texas twang.

My review:

     Another hilarious contemporary romance!

     This is part of a “true” series. You really should read the books in order as they have the same cast of characters and they are progressing through life in an expected manner.

     I have thoroughly been enjoying seeing how Katie develops through this series. She still has some of the same issues cropping up in this book, but she is a little quicker to work through them this time around. She is learning slowly over time just like we all do.

     She is surrounded by a complete cast of very quirky characters. Many of whom want to plan the perfect wedding for her. The problem is they each have their own plans and don’t want to ask what she wants for her big day. Some of the ideas are a riot and Katie has to figure out how to get her wedding planned the way she wants it without hurting anyone’s feelings.

     I really liked seeing how the small home town people and the big city friends all come together to support Katie and Brady. There are incredible moments when deep wisdom and insights are shared by a number of different people. We have a fantastic example of what community is like and how they come together for each other in this wonderful story.

     I believe that this book is a fabulous way to conclude Katie Sue and Brady’s story. I’m giving it a rating of 5 stars and highly recommending it.

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  1. I always read books in a series in order...crazy not to. Sounds like another great book.